You Can Nurture Your Creative Side AND Accomplish Your Goals

You Can Nurture Your Creative Side AND Accomplish Your Goals

Do you consider yourself to be a free spirit? Are you always coming up with ideas but lack the discipline to execute them well? Or are you more driven and task-oriented? Both creativity and productivity are necessary, especially when you run your own business. Most of us lean to one side of the spectrum or the other but it’s possible to develop your skills in the other area too! These strategies can help you keep your creative juices flowing and let you reach your targets too.

Nurture Your Creativity

Choose Meaningful Projects – Find meaning and purpose in your life and in your work. Do things you believe in. We are much more likely to be creative when we see the value in our work.

Protect your Creative Space – When possible, set aside blocks of focused time, free from distraction and time-pressure. If you are constantly running from task to task, your imagination and resourcefulness will be stifled.

Read Often - In this world of information and innovation, there are few, if any, original ideas left. That said, when you add your own perspective, gifts and talents to someone else’s ideas, the possibilities are still endless.

Spend Time Outdoors – Don’t we come up with our best ideas while standing in the shower, sleeping or walking in the woods? Fresh air and sunshine are proven stress reducers and sometimes, setting a project aside for a bit can be a great way to let your creative side take over.

Interact with Others – This can be tough when we live in a get-it-done society but bouncing ideas off of other people can be an effective way to problem solve and think in new directions.

Embrace Change – If something isn’t working, drop it and try a new way of doing things that fits better with your personality. Just make sure you are not giving up too soon.


Become More Productive

Set Goals - Spend time on planning your projects well. Make sure your ideas are feasible and deadlines are realistic. Set specific goals that you can attain in a reasonable amount of time.

Smart Scheduling – Track the way you spend your time for a while. Pay attention to how your brain works. When are you most motivated to get things done? When do you have the most energy? When are you the most focused? Schedule your tasks for when you can do them best. If you are most focused early in the morning, do your creative brain jobs then. If you always get tired in the afternoon, save your repetitive, mundane tasks for the times you know creative juices are less likely to flow.

Turn Off Your Phone – Nothing stops you from getting things done like constant interruption. When you need to focus, turn off notifications and concentrate on one thing.

Hire it out! You can do it all! And if you run your own business, you’ll probably have to, at least for the first little while. Once you get rolling, you’ll be able to see where your gifts lie and where your time is best spent. Don’t be afraid to hire out the jobs that slow you down or get you stuck. For example, if you really can’t keep it together with finances, and the paper trail is driving you crazy, hire a bookkeeper. That way, you can focus on the things you enjoy most and do the best.

Don’t worry if you are more creative or more productive. You may have to nurture one skill more than the other, but we all have the capacity for both. With a little determination you can be creative and do it all!