Unique Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media

by Lilan Sue

If you’ve been using social media to promote your business for some time, you’re probably familiar with some of the basics of how to generate leads. You might also have some experience with running Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads and generating email capture forms for your newsletters. But did you know that there are other unique ways that you can do lead generation using social media? Here’s a few to check out.

How to Generate Leads With Twitter

Learn How to Utilize Hashtags

You probably know by now that hashtags make it easier for people to find what you post on social media, but are you using the right ones? Make sure to do searches via Twitter and on other platforms to see generally which ones are most popular. Using ones in your niche can definitely elevate performance and reach. You can also use hashtags.org to find out which hashtags are trending or popular, discover the meaning of particular hashtags and create your own hashtags, for example, for a branded Twitter chat.

Look At What Industry Questions Are Being Asked

Giving helpful responses to industry related questions is a great way to get your brand out there and build trust with new customers. Using a tool like Hashtagify, you can search keywords related to your industry to see what’s being asked. For example, you could type in ‘career coaching’ with a question mark to find questions related to business coaching. If you respond with helpful suggestions, you could potentially gain a new, targeted follower.

Search for Conversations About Your Competitors

Don’t be afraid to look up hashtags and relevant conversations about your competition. If you discover conversations about how your competitor’s customers are unhappy or are looking for further recommendations, you could respond to them. Used sparingly, it would be a great way to generate more leads, build connections and provide an better customer service opportunity

Generating Leads via Facebook

Target Audiences You Already Have

Did you know you can create campaigns for audiences you already have? You could upload a list of leads you’ve captured for newsletter signups or e-book/whitepaper downloads into Facebook’s ‘Custom Audiences’ feature. You can generate more personalized campaigns based on their interests. If they downloaded an e-book, you can create a targeted ad that refers to the book and what next steps they should take.

Use Ads to Schedule Appointments

You can also use Facebook ads to target audiences that may be looking to schedule appointments. You can customize a question and a confirmation statement in the ad that will let customers know how to leave their personal information for a follow up. This type of ad is great for generating leads for everyone from mortgage brokers and building contractors to massage therapists and hair stylists.

Early Access to Events

In addition to uploading lists of contacts who have previously signed up for your newsletter, you can also target contacts who have previously attended your events. You can offer previous event attendees exclusive early bird tickets or a promo code for an event through a targeted ad. You can let them know that they’ll receive the promo code via email or give it to them directly in the Thank You portion of the ad.

Using Instagram for Lead Generation

Do Tutorials with Instagram Stories

If you’re promoting different tools or software programs, Instagram Stories are a great way to teach your customers how to use your programs and/or how to do certain skills. For example, if you have a graphic design program, you could have an Instagram Story series of videos teach them how to create a business card.

Teaching your followers a variety of skills in your niche means you’re sharing value, which is always appreciated by your audience. You’re also establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. After every story, you can add a call-to-action that will direct people to your blog/website for more detailed tutorials, blog posts and other content pieces.

Combine IGTV & Instagram Stories to Generate Powerful Leads

If your account doesn’t qualify for the swipe up link in stories (because you don’t have 10,000 followers), you can still include a swipe up link in your IGTV (Instagram TV) video. Say you have a landing page with a lead capture form to download an exclusive e-book. You can create an IGTV video about the topic of your e-book and mention/include the link to your landing page in your IGTV video description.

You can also design a post or a series of short posts for Instagram stories, teasing your upcoming IGTV video and including a call-to-action for your audience to go check out the video. This tactic will drive people from your Instagram Stories to your IGTV channel & video and ultimately to your landing page.

It may be a few extra steps but creating a campaign this way will give you higher quality leads because you know these leads will be more likely to convert once they go from your Instagram Stories to IGTV video and the landing page.

Also, Instagram just released a feature that allows you to share a teaser of your IGTV video on your Instagram stories, so sharing that image will make it easier to drive traffic to the video.

There you have it. These days, with new algorithms and constant changes on platforms, making social media useful for your business can be a challenge. Business owners need to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with it all. We hope some of these ideas will help you!

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