Your Company Email - the Shocking Truth

Did you know, your web designer has nothing to do with your company email?

Unless you’re with Squarespace or, websites are typically hosted by 3rd party services such as Blue Host, Dreamhost, Go Daddy, Network Solutions, Ezy-hosts and etc. If you have a company email that reflects your domain name, these services are not only hosting your web pages, they are likely hosting your email as well.

If anything goes wrong with your email, you need to contact your host. Your web designer will supply you with all the information you need to configure email clients and/or connect with your server host.

The following issues are common:

1. Can’t send email

Most of the time this happens because the Outgoing Server is incorrectly configured. If you buy a new phone, a new tablet, a new laptop, a new computer – you’re going to have to correctly configure the outgoing server. Talk to your email hosting service to find out what your configurations should be or call a local IT person to sort out your issues.

2. Can’t receive email

Most of the time this happens because the Incoming Server is incorrectly configured or there is some kind of hold up at the server end of things. This can happen if the server is experiencing trouble, attacks, upgrades, or unexpected downtime. Call or submit a trouble ticket to your email host server immediately. Expect things to be resolved within 24 hours. During your wait time, you can try to connect with webmail. Most email servers offer a webmail option. If webmail doesn’t work either, you’ll need to sit tight and hope things get resolved quickly.

3. Need new emails set up

Your company is growing and you’d like some new emails set up. This can be done through your cpanel. Your web designer will have given you a login to your cpanel when the original website project was completed. If you’ve lost that information, contact your web designer and they will send it over to you.

4. But they’ve been helping us all along!

It is true most web designers will hang in and help you out with email and server issues for the first while. Goodwin Creative has a 6 month Help Desk policy and will help clients at no charge. After that time your best action will be to deal directly with your Server Systems Administrator. Their time is included in the monthly hosting fee you pay.

5. All my email is blocked – I can’t send, receive or even see my website anymore!

This could be caused by a few things. First, of course, your internet might be offline. Try visiting a website you never visit to see if you are able to connect. Second, you can go to Down For Everyone Or Just Me – this is a great free service where you type in your web URL and it will tell you if it’s actually ‘down’ or just ‘down’ for you. If your site is up then you may have been blocked.

Most of the time, this happens because an incorrect login has been attempted multiple times. This alerts your email host to the possibility of a spam or viral attack and your IP is blocked.

Step one:

  • find out what your IP is – type What’s My IP into google and note the number there. It should be a series of digits divided by dots.

Step two

  • send a trouble ticket into your Email Host Server and indicate that you’ve been blocked and include your IP number so they can unblock you. If you ask, they can also send you a new login and you can reset your systems. You’ll need to know how to configure your Email Software in order to input the new logins.

Why does this happen? The most common reason is that an employee or volunteer has purchased a new device and are attempting to set up their company email on that device. The Email Software has a ‘check mail every …..’ time stamp, if it’s set to 10 seconds for example, it will send the incorrect login into the server every 10 seconds for as long as it take to be read as an attack and shut down.

Your IT person can also help you sort out these kinds of issues.

6. What else can go wrong?

Truth is, there are dozens of things that can go wrong with email! Configurations, servers, ISPs, IPs, modems, software, employees – the list is too long for this short article.

7. This is all too complicated – what is my best solution?

Your best solution is to have a good communication stream with your Email Host and a local IT person that can come in and help you with on-site issues. Some companies agree to a monthly maintenance package with the web designer which covers help with things like email and servers and updates to the webpages. If you find all this overwhelming, talk to your web designer to see if their company offers a package of this kind.

At Goodwin Creative, we offer an initial 6 month grace period after your site is up, to help with any issues that may come up. Once that time is up, we do offer ongoing web maintenance, for a monthly or an hourly fee. Contact us for more details! We are always available to steer you in the right direction.

9. What’s my first step?

Ask your web designer for a complete list of logins and be sure they include:

Your Domain Name – where it’s registered, how to log into it
Your Web and Email Host Server – who it is and how to contact them
Your Host Server Cpanel – what the URL is and how to log into it
Your WordPress or other CMS Logins

Once you have these in hand, make multiple copies! Put one in your file box, one in your desk and one in your freezer! You will need this information when talking to an IT person, or your web host.

10. Why are you telling me all this?

Email issues have become increasingly common. Telus makes changes, half the emails stop working properly. New devices are bought, or new software, everything needs to be reset. Operating systems upgrade automatically, suddenly old software no longer works properly. As web designers, we find that at least 25% of our work hours can be spent resolving people’s email issues! Rest assured, as a business owners we enjoy the continued connection with our clients and are happy to help where we can - but we hope this post will help clear things up and get people headed in the right direction!

We know the internet can be frustrating! Just remember to breathe - and call your host.