Jude Goodwin

Owner, Creative Designer, Web Developer, Project Manager

Jude Goodwin is co-owner and founder of Goodwin Creative Ltd. She is a company designer, developer and projects manager. Jude has been in the graphic design business since 1975, publishing websites since 1995, and has a deep understanding of what makes a good website good. Also published cartoonist, editor and writer, Jude brings many skills to every project.

Jude’s first design company, Skyline Graphics, was formed in 1986 in Vancouver where she produced architectural renderings on a drafting table set up in her Kitsilano basement apartment.

After marrying in 1988, she renamed her company Goodwin-Hanson Graphics and began working on a Mac computer system. Quickly she set aside her waxers and rubylith in favour of the amazing new tools provided by Desktop Publishing. In 1995 Jude launched her first website for the Canadian Bridge Federation (cbf.ca) and remained the CBF webmaster for 20 years.

Of course the world of design has gone through incredible changes over the past few decades and Jude has been riding the wave. In the first decade of the internet, designers had to be programmers as well. She coded all her clients websites as well as designed them. Today, a designer can create whatever design she thinks might be wonderful using Photoshop and simply upload the files to a programmer’s ‘desk’ where they are magically turned into a full working website within a few short weeks.

Jude has graphic design experience and a historic knowledge and understanding of design and code, how they grew together and how they work together today.

The third incarnation of Jude’s design company, Goodwin Studios, was officially formed in 2002. In 2018 the company morphed once again in Goodwin Creative Ltd. She has joined forces with her daughter Sky Goodwin and incorporated. The mother-daughter team looks forward to many more years serving the Squamish and Lower Mainland business communities.

Outside of work, Jude is a successful poet in the process of a degree in Creative Writing, the mother of three and grandmother of six, a 7 time finisher in the Squamish Test of Metal (two bronze and one gold in category), and Life Master bridge player.